LA-1 line array - business and support

With the ARROW LA-1 line array, you receive a high quality product made in Switzerland for a reasonable price.

A main criteria of line array systems is the line length. The physical length of the array defines the low frequency intercept point. A longer line gives a lower intercept point, this means as the defined vertical coverage is extended to lower frequencies. With small line arrays with typical 12-14 inches enclosure height, you need three enclosures for 40 inches line lenght. With the LA-1 full size line array, you need only two enclosures for the same length.

Professional workmanship and the exclusive use of first quality components guarantees you a long lasting product. Because of the direct selling from the manufacturer to the end user, you receive the LA-1 line array for a unique low price. All this characteristics together guarantees your return of investment.

As the buyer of the LA-1 line array, you have access to identical systems in dry hire. Together with your first buy of eight or more LA-1T top, you profit from 2 days of user training in your house. This training is included in the sales price. So you can use the system right from the first job.

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