LA1 full size line array

Features and benefits

  • best sonic quality for a reasonable price
  • meets the requirements of the line array theory
  • high acoustical output for large venues
  • LA-1T top is without limitations suitable for full range use
  • easy handling
  • optimal use of truckspace
  • simple rigging system
  • low weight


The minimal configuration we prefer is the use of 2 pcs. LA-1T top each side. This is sufficent to cover a audience of 100 to 140 feet depth. Depending on the programm material, the LA-1T top should be used together with the LA-1S or with the LA1-HPS subass.

Amplifier and controller

The nominal impedance of any way is 8 ohm. This gives the advantage to drive up to 4 cabinets/way on a single amplifier channel. So the amplifier costs and the cabling are reduced. A complete MLSSA generated controller setup is available.

Enclosure and handling

All LA-1 line array enclosures are constructed of multi-ply hardwood with a hard black textured finish. Four big handles and the Guitel heavy duty 4 inch wheels amount to an easy handling. The black powder coated steel front grill is optimized for maximum acoustical throughput and low weight.

The LA-1T top and the LA-1S / LA1-HPS subwoofer enclosures have identical outher dimensions and fits perfect on to a 47,2 inch by 31,2 inch (120 cm by 80 cm) European palette. So the given truck space is optimal used. Complete stacks of LA-1 line array cabinets can be moved easy with a fork-lift to reduce the personal effort.

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