LA-1T line array full range top

The first full size Line Array with four pieces 1 inch drivers!

The LA-1T line array 3- way top covers a linear frequency range from 48 Hz to 19’000 Hz. Eight first class drivers are mounted in to an optimal tuned enclosure.

The completely new developed high frequency section guarantees for fine defined highs and a much better spatially hearing. The 18 inch height horn made from aluminium with four 1 inch compression drivers guarantees the horizontal and vertical coverage. The acoustic coupling over the full frequency range is a result of the coherent wave in the horn front. The horizontal coverage is 90°, one single element cover 8° vertical. The elements can be curved against one other with up to 5° without loss in coupling.

8 inch cone drivers

The two 8 inch cone drivers are equipped with a progressive wave diaphragm for precise transcription of the midrange band. The midrange enclosure is vented through a port for higher thermal load capacity of the drivers.

15 inch low frequency cone drivers

Because of the use of two 15 inch low frequency cone drivers, the LA-1T top is full range useable also with high sound pressure levels. The low frequency response is extended down to 48 Hz. The 15 inch cone drivers are equipped with three inch voice coils. Compared with drivers with four inch voice coils, the moving mass of the cones is much smaller. The result is a higher sensitivity and this compensates the lower power handling.

The crossover frequencies are at 220 Hz and at 1’100 Hz.

For outdoor use

The high-strength cellulose fiber cones of the 8 inch and of the 15 inch cone drivers are impregnated which enables them to withstand extremely severe outdoor conditions. Another advantage of such a treatment is the decreasing of distortion by almost 6 dB.

LA-1T line array top - specifications

Low Frequency 2 x 15" PHL cone driver
Mid Frequency 2 x 8" PHL cone driver in 90° horn
High Frequency 4 x 1" compression driver in 90° horn
Configuration full range - 3-way active
Needed Highpass 48 Hz
Crossover 220 Hz and 1'100 Hz
Enclosure multi-ply hardwood
Finish hard black textured
Connectors selectable 2 x EP8 or 2 x Speakon8
Flying Hardware 4 integrated flying bars


Frequency Response

+/-3 dB 50-18'500 Hz
-10 dB 40-19'000 Hz


SPL, 1 Watt @ 1m, Low 100 dB
SPL, 1 Watt @ 1m, Mid 104 dB
SPL, 1 Watt @ 1m, High 114 dB


Low 2 x 16 ohm parallel
Mid 2 x 16 ohm parallel
High 4 x 8 ohm serial/parallel



Low - RMS 600 Watt
Mid - RMS 400 Watt
High - RMS 160 Watt


Horizontal (-6 dB) 90°
Vertikal (-6 dB)

Dimensions and Weight

Width 47,2 inch (1200 mm)
Height 19,3 inch (490mm)
Depth (w/o wheels, with wheels) 26,4 inch, 31,2 inch (670 mm, 800 mm)
Weight 206 lbs (93 kg)


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